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Our Adventures


Fly High on the Hills: Hover Over the Scenic View of the Chocolate Hills


Bounce into Fun: Sky-High Laughter Awaits at CHAP's Trampoline!


Junior Adventure Starts Here: Discover the Fun of Gymnaskids!

Fish/Chicken Feeding

Nature's Touch: Experience the Joy of Fish and Chicken Feeding at CHAP!

Tarzan Swing

Sky-High Thrills: Master the Elements on the 4-in-1 High Rope Challenge!


Five Challenges, One Epic Adventure: Conquer the Pentagon at CHAP!

Snake Ladder

Double the Challenge: Master the 2-in-1 High Rope Adventure on Snake Ladder!

Eco Nature Hiking Trails

Trail the Path of Wonder: Explore CHAP's Eco Nature Hiking Trails!

Wave Runner Surf Zip

Catch the Skywave: Experience the Thrill of Wave Runner Surf Zip!

The Rush Bike Zip

Elevate Your Adventure: Pedal the Sky on The Rush Bike Zip!

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