New Attraction

Surf Zip

"The Wave Runner" Surf Zip

The first and only surfing zipline in Asia and maybe in the world. Enjoy surfing over the hills on a surfboard. Imagine yourself hovering 230 ft high, in Hawaiian shirt and lei as you weave through the hills and view the magnificent Chocolate Hills just as if you were surfing the waves in Maui.

Sumo Wrestling

Yokuzuna Sumo Wrestling

Put on these thick foam-filled sumo wrestling suits complete with wig helmets, big gloved hands and the Mawashi "diaper-like" belt, and look like a real 300 lbs sumo wrestler. Each wrestler start at the opposite side of the wrestling mat, and from the signal of the facilitator, participants can begin to knock over and bump into each other with their fat sumo-bodies.

Choco Zorb Ball

Choco Zorb Ball

An exciting addition to the CHAP experience, Choco Zorb Ball is perfect for guests who want adrenaline-pumping activities. Adventurers are safely strapped inside a big "beach ball"-like orb and are rolled downhill a 100-meter slope. The zorb is made of two separate thick, strong and flexible plastic layers with at least 2 feet of air in between that absorbs the shock for the riders as they tumble down a chocolate hill.

Body Bumper Ball

CHAP Body Ball

Body bumper ball is a fun variation of Yokuzuna sumo wrestling and zorb ball. Bounce, bump and bop with your friends in a 15 by 25 meter grass field as you out run your opponents by scoring a goal against the opposing team. Just like the big zorb ball, these bumper balls absorb the shock for the participants so they can freely run into each other or roll to the ground, while being securely strapped inside it.

Mountain Biking / Horseback Riding

Mountain Biking / Horseback Riding

Get close and personal with the Chocolate Hills. Take the challenging but exciting trail as you explore its hidden secrets. See how God's creation offer livelihood to the people of Carmen. See the rich flora and fauna as you explore the inner secrets of Chocolate Hills.