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Rules and Regulations (For all activities)

  1. Ages 6 years old and up. And at least 4ft. in height.
  2. Minimum weight is 25kgs.
  3. Maximum weight for all activities is 90kgs.
  4. Participants must sign the waiver form and must be subjected to health evaluation by the registered nurse or CHAP staff.
  5. Participants are required to wear safety harness and equipments.

"The Rush" Bike Zipline

Bike your way midair and get a breath-taking 360-degree view of the Chocolate Hills. Fear not, because this 550-meter long round-trip bike zip is secured with the use of state-of-the-art safety equipment. The first of its kind in Bohol, feel the southern breeze against your face as you pedal your way 150-feet above the most picturesque view of the Chocolate Hills.

NOTE: Bike Zip is for ages 6 years old and up. And at least 4ft. in height.

CHAP Body Ball

Body bumper ball is a fun variation of Yokuzuna sumo wrestling and zorb ball. Bounce, bump and bop with your friends in a 15 by 25 meter grass field as you out run your opponents by scoring a goal against the opposing team. Just like the big zorb ball, these bumper balls absorb the shock for the participants so they can freely run into each other or roll to the ground, while being securely strapped inside it.

Yokuzuna Sumo Wrestling

Put on these thick foam-filled sumo wrestling suits complete with wig helmets, big gloved hands and the Mawashi "diaper-like" belt, and look like a real 300 lbs sumo wrestler. Each wrestler start at the opposite side of the wrestling mat, and from the signal of the facilitator, participants can begin to knock over and bump into each other with their fat sumo-bodies.

Tree Top Rope Challenges

Test your mind and body coordination as you dare yourself to complete these tree top rope courses. Our high, mid rope course challenge offers different levels of difficulty for both young and young at heart. For kids from 6-12 years of age who are also thrill-seekers, they can participate in the low rope course, the Gymnaskids. For a full experience, combine the different rope challenges with the RUSH Bike Zipline and you'll definitely get a very good combo deal.